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Name:A Transformers 100 Prompts Challenge
Posting Access:All Members
Ever wanted to join one of those challenge communities with your favorite Transformers characters only to find that some, if not most, of the prompts dont really seem applicable for giant alien robots? That's why we've come up with this 100 prompts challenge community especially for Transformers writers, where the prompts are more suited for our favorite robots in disguise.

We've also made it a little simpler in that we've divided up the prompts into tables of 10 so that they're more managable, and give options to those who find the idea of writing 100 stories a little too intimidating. So you have the option of trying 10 prompts, or 20, or 50, or whatever amount you're comfortable with.

And of course, with every community, we come to the:


= Kindly keep your posts relevant to the community please. Posts about sightings, new toys you bought, reviews of episodes, what you had for dinner - they do not belong here. Please keep your posts strictly to fics that you're writing for the challenge prompts.

= All completed stories must be behind an LJ Cut. Click this link if you don't know how to do an LJ Cut. You may also post the story to your own journal and fake cut (aka leave a link to the story) here.

= Stories must contain the community header and required information posted outside your LJ Cut or before your fake cut.

= Slash (yaoi), Femmeslash (Yuri), Het, and other adult content are allowed, but must be behind an LJ Cut with appropriate ratings and warnings given.

= DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Posting someone else's work as your own without permission is not cool, and anyone found guilty of doing it will be banned from the comm.

= Keep it civilized. No flame wars, personal insults or discrimination of any kind (be it racial, religious, cultural, etc) will be tolerated. If you think a fic might offend anyone, please ask someone to proofread it first, or place it behind a cut with the relevant warnings.

= Do not post Role Playing scripts or advertise RP communities. Stories must be in prose format.

= Minimum length for stories is 100 words; there is no maximum length. Fics should be checked for grammar and spelling before they are posted.

= While there is no deadline, we do require that you respond to one prompt per month to keep your claim active. We know that real life happens, so you'll get a grace period of one month after, but if you miss posting for two months in a row your claim will be considered dead and will be freed up for other members to claim.

= Characters/Pairings are open to up to three claims. That is, up to three people may claim a particular character or pairing.

= No OCs, sorry. Main characters, pairings, and the characters you want to claim have to be canon. You may however use OCs as extras - minor background characters, random gas-station attendents or cannon fodder, etc. If you want to write about your OCs then head over to fanchar100

= Please do not post any stories on the comm until your claim has been accepted.

--- --- --- --- ---

How To Join/Post

+ First you need to join the community

+ Claim your character/pairing(s). You may claim up to two - that is: two characters, or two pairings, or one character and one pairing.

Make your claim with the following information:

Number of Tables:

+ Once your claim has been accepted, you may start posting your stories.

Please include the following information along with your fic:

Word Count:

+ When you've finished your chosen number of prompts, post your completed table(s) at the relevant page.

If you have any questions, post them here: The Q & A page

List of Tables
Series List
Claim Page
Finished Claims
Dropping a Claim

--- --- --- --- ---


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